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Julius Erving is one of the most famous players and with more quality that has gone through the NBA and ABA, innate killer, and a very good TC in his career is what distinguen. Julius played four years in the ABA teams like the Virginia Squires and New York Nets team that won two titles and being the last team to win the ABA. It also has the honor of being the first player ever to win a slam dunk contest. In his NBA career, Dr. J played in the Sixers  with which he won a ring in 1983. Here we present to Dr. J.
Dr J attended the University of Massachusetts where he averaged 35 pts and 20 reb, some fantastic numbers that made him sign for a team of the ABA's Virginia Squires, divided between two leagues, the ABA and the NCAA, in the end it was decided by the ABA and began his career by professional basketball.

In his first season in the ABA, was included in the rookie team and finished second in voting for the Rookie of the year, second only to Artis Gilmore. Julius won reputation for hard and ruthless, with fantastic statistics 27 pts 15 reb 4 asis.
After his first season in the ABA, Dr. J was presented to the Draft of 72 ', which was chosen in position 12 for the Bucks, but never played any minute with them because he was traded to the Hawks of Pistol Maravich , where he played three exhibition games until a complaint  forced him to return to the ABA, with a personal record of 31 pts 12 reb. At the end of the season, was traded to the Nets.

In that same season Erving suffered knee pain and had to use special equipment, but did not prevent him making a spectacular season and his 25th birthday, Dr. J scored 57 points and thus Erving led the Nets to their first ABA in 74 ', defeating the Utah Stars. And in 76 ',  the Nets and Julius became the last franchise to win the ABA
Alongside Nuggets, Pacers and Spurs, Nets joined the NBA in 77 ', Erving would play in the Nets this season, but again the money was put through, sending the New Jersey Nets and Julius Philadelphia. In the Sixers became a star, leading the team to a 50-32 record. In his first season, Julius came to an end by eliminating the previous year's champions, the Celtics. In the final they met the Blazers of Bill Walton, everything seemed to face the Philly with a 2-0, but the Blazers won four straight winning the series 4-2 and Julius leaving without his first ring.

In the following years saw the Sixers were not at the level of Erving, shooting team twice leading them to a conference finals, and being eliminated, and it was in this series where he was one of the best duels with the appearance of Larry Bird in the league, had begun duels between Boston and Philadelphia, which met in the conference finals for 4 years in the 80s.
The 80 were the most glorious era of the Sixers and Julius, reaching two finals and getting a degree. 

Dr J continued to appear in almost every Slam Dunk Contest and displaying their technical quality, but did not win any, he became a legend of the mates. In 1981, Julius won his only MVP, making a fantastic season with 24 pts 8 reb 4 well and leading his Sixers to another conference final. But it was not until the 83 'when the Sixers won their title thanks to players like Moses Malone and Maurice Checks, Julius continued to be a huge season and soul of the team but was not the MVP of the finals, Dr J avenged lost the final in 80 winning the series 4-0 with an amazing and fulfilling the promise I made to the Sixers fans to win a ring. Thus was forged the legend of Dr. J.
In the following seasons, Erving's game is starting to be affected by age, lowering their stockings every year but following a high level. He was All-Star eleven times, and is considered one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA history. In 1987, the legend of Dr J came over, put an end to 16 years of career with 37.
Julius is considered the best player in the history of the Sixers, but this franchise played the legendary Wilt Chamberlain, Erving led the team to three finals winning one and getting the fans in the pocket. With its 1.98 was ahead of his time with extraordinary plays like "The Baseline Move", a movement that was to use its extensive arms to pass behind the backboard and finish by dropping the ball past a ring in the air. His jersey was retired by the Nets and Sixers with 32 and 6 respectively. Dr J has greatly influenced popular culture, as the Celtics coach Glenn "Doc" Rivers, who was named after his great admiration for him, has also influenced the rapper Dr. Dre who owes his nickname because of little I wanted to be like him. He was also one of the first players to make announcements of shoes and other products
This is all about this legend,

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